Radio Tanzania Project: Tanzania, 2012

12 images Created 16 Feb 2012

On the far side of Dar es Salaam’s railroad tracks, withering away in a locked room of a nondescript office building, rests some of the most important artifacts chronicling 50 years of Tanzania’s independence.

Over 100,000 hours of unreleased reel-to-reel tapes holding decades of ethnographic recordings, afro-jazz dance music, and political speeches used to fuel support for Africa’s independence movements, line the dusty shelves.

The recordings have languished in some cases for over 50 years, exposed to the heat, humidity, and natural elements.

Yet with the help of a small group of committed individuals called The Tanzania Heritage Project, a cross-cultural and crowd-funded preservation effort, this could all change.

The group has recently raised over $17,000 from 235 musicians, music lovers, preservationists and cultural enthusiasts in a campaign to digitize, restore, and preserve the entire Radio Tanzania archive collection with MP3 downloads, a ‘best of’ compilation CD, and
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